5.10.2018  | HealthCentral – 10 Questions to Ask About Thyroid Cancer

Anita Hubbard shares her advice for the questions to ask your doctor when you are first diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

3.28.2018  | Voyage Dallas – The Most Inspiring Stories in Dallas Series

Read about Anita Hubbard’s personal story and inspiration in creating the Love Your Thyroid Foundation in her hometown.

12.7.2017  | Interview with HealthCentral

 “Anita turned her own challenges into an advocacy mission to help other thyroid cancer survivors by founding the Love Your Thyroid Foundation, and raising funds for thyroid cancer support and research.”

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12.6.2017  | Advice for Newly Diagnosed Thyroid Cancer Patients with HealthCentral

“We asked Anita what advice she would have for someone who – like she was just a few years ago – has just been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.”

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