Our Mission

cropped-cropped-lyt_buttefly-011.pngWe are on a mission to make the understanding of thyroid cancer more readily available and raise funds for thyroid cancer research.


cropped-cropped-lyt_buttefly-011.pngOur 3rd annual fundraiser at the end of 2019 was a huge success raising over $40,000 for thyroid cancer awareness programs and research grants!

We accept donations all year via our website, our Facebook page or through sales of our cookbook.

We are actively planning for our next fundraiser event in 2021!


cropped-cropped-lyt_buttefly-011.pngWe need your help to advocate for change and awareness so that the thyroid cancer patients fighting today, and those that have not yet been diagnosed, have legitimate treatment paths as a result of funded scientific studies. 

There are a few ways you can help support our mission. You can make a general donation, or purchase our new With A Grain of Salt Cookbook – a collection of favorite recipes from the friends of the Love Your Thyroid Foundation. Each cookbook is $25.00 with sale proceeds used to help fund thyroid cancer research grants and awareness programs.


Founder’s Story

cropped-cropped-lyt_buttefly-011.pngI didn’t have a choice about being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, but it has certainly provided me with a more meaningful life.

My name is Anita Hubbard, and I was diagnosed with metastatic papillary thyroid cancer on Valentine’s Day in 2013. Continue reading “Founder’s Story”