Our Mission


We are on a mission to raise awareness and research funds for the thyroid cancer community.


cropped-cropped-lyt_buttefly-011.pngSince our first event in 2017, we have donated over $100,000 to thyroid cancer research, education and awareness programs. We are grateful for your support since the beginning, it has made a huge difference!

In honor of Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month, we will be asking for donations to continue to help our mission. We will be mailing and emailing letters to our previous donors in September, but we accept donations all year!


cropped-cropped-lyt_buttefly-011.pngWith your support, we have donated over $100,000 to help fund critical thyroid cancer research grants, educational and awareness programs. We need your help to continue our mission to make a difference in the thyroid cancer community.

There are a few ways you can help support our mission:

    • Make a general donation – we accept donations all year via credit card, Paypal, or check
    • Corporate matching – many companies will match any donation you make


Founder’s Story

cropped-cropped-lyt_buttefly-011.pngI didn’t have a choice about being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, but it has certainly provided me with a more meaningful life.

My name is Anita Hubbard, and I was diagnosed with metastatic papillary thyroid cancer on Valentine’s Day in 2013. Continue reading “Founder’s Story”