Our Mission

cropped-cropped-lyt_buttefly-011.pngWe are on a mission to make the understanding of thyroid cancer more readily available and raise critically needed funds for thyroid cancer research.


cropped-cropped-lyt_buttefly-011.pngMark your calendars for our 3rd Annual Fundraiser Event on Saturday, September 21, 2019!

This event is our main fundraiser for the year, focused on informing our community about thyroid cancer and collecting donations for thyroid cancer research.

This event would not be possible without the generosity of our event sponsors. We have provided various sponsorship levels and visible acknowledgement opportunities for your consideration.

Invitations to the event will be mailed out in August. 

The 3rd Annual Fundraiser admittance is by invitation only. To be included in our mailing list, please email us at contact@loveyourthyroid.org.


cropped-cropped-lyt_buttefly-011.pngWe need your help to advocate for change and awareness so that the thyroid cancer patients fighting today, and those that have not yet been diagnosed, have legitimate treatment paths as a result of funded scientific studies. 

Please consider supporting our 501(c)(3) by sponsoring our upcoming 3rd Annual Fundraiser Event or by making a general donation. Every single penny makes a huge difference in the thyroid cancer community.


Founder’s Story

cropped-cropped-lyt_buttefly-011.pngI didn’t have a choice about being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, but it has certainly provided me with a more meaningful life.

My name is Anita Hubbard, and I was diagnosed with metastatic papillary thyroid cancer on Valentine’s Day in 2013. Continue reading “Founder’s Story”