About Us

cropped-cropped-lyt_buttefly-011.pngValentine’s Day 2013, I was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer.

I was stunned. I had no prior thyroid issues, no family history of thyroid cancer, and no obvious symptoms. I was told this was the “good” cancer to get.

What I have learned, however, is that there is no “good” cancer. You don’t ever move on from cancer, it is a process, and you are forever a cancer patient, and if you are lucky enough, you become a cancer survivor.

Since my diagnosis I have undergone a total thyroidectomy, two separate neck dissections to remove infected lymph nodes, radioactive iodine treatment resulting in seven days of quarantine, 8 debilitating months of trial and error hormone replacement, neck and muscle numbness, daily medication and endless testing.

While being treated, I visited MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. During my first visit, I was saddened and appalled the mass quantities of people fighting cancer, but also inspired and immensely grateful to witness the human spirit fighting at its finest.

This was a life changing moment for me, and ultimately what inspired me to start the Love Your Thyroid Foundation to help raise awareness and funds for the cancer I have been battling.

The funds raised through the Love Your Thyroid Foundation will be donated to the Thyroid Cancer Survivor’s Assocation Research Fund, also known as ThyCa. When I was undergoing treatments and recovery, I relied heavily on the resources ThyCa¬†offers and I am honored to be able to support their cause.